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we are both bored at workkkkk

andrea: nice one bringing back SIKE.. I almost peed myself.. and my office is like, dead silent.. so that woulda been awkward... uhhhhh
shan: what sound do you make when you pee that would make it awkward because its dead silent in your office...???
im confused.
andrea: by pee myself I meant laugh and what you just wrote made me actually laugh but luckily someone's on the phone so their talking may have covered up that unfortunate moment..
shannon: their talking covered up the dead silence??
andrea: I hate you sometimes

andrea: the lady who sits behind me just ran out from her desk and into an office and slammed the door uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now I can't stare out the window.. how unthoughtful
shannon: how weird... did she really run??
andrea: well the office isn't big enough to pick up speed she kinda jogged but I'm serious she wasn't walking.. uhhh or flying? I feel really bad for myself right now
shannon: i really like you my friend.. because in my head this lady was wearing a jogging suit.. like old school 80's style (it might be a soft j.. im not really sure) and she had a sweat band on with permed hair.. and white tenny runners.. like the marching band ones.. and she had like a bunch of official looking office papers in her arms.. and it was hilarious..

andrea: I really want to watch STAR WARS and cuddle with DARTH BLANKET
shannon: maybe you should bring darth blanket over and hang out with darth muffin pants and we can watch darth vader.
andrea: no but if you had pants made of muffin (not the bunny) that would be fun would they be blueberry?
shannon: Oh shit i just snorted. because i was trying hard not to LOL.. and then the snorting happened (no drugs were involved) and yea.. embarrassing.
andrea: hahahaha no drugs were involved...I almost peed myself
shannon: or did you laugh???
andrea: sorry I get those two actions easily confused
shannon: its understandable.. it happens to the best of us... well not me.. but i can see how it would happen to you from time to time... just sayin..
andrea: it's because I'm so aMAEzing.. I am out of control knoll.. edmondo knollio.. or whatever the crap you call me
shannon: ahole knollio edmondo... get it right or pay the price
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