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more DC love

I do my best to spread Coupland like herpes
I don't tell my partners I have it when I screw their brains out
then they wake up with the pleasant surprise of loving coupland...or having weird mouth sores..?

- Andrea spreading the Douglas Coupland LOVEEE <3333
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(no subject)

"which is the one i like second best? .. whos not kendra or holly?"

- Andrea forgetting the names of the girls next door..
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HARRY POTTER [spoilers...?]

I decided that we should learn all the dances from SYTYCDDD and then film ourselves and then stick them on youtube and then maybe the people from SYTYCDDD will hear about it and fall in love with us and uhh Pasha will want to marry and Lacey will want to be my BFFFFF.

oooooh I see your plan....and I see no flaws. Let's get working on this IMMEDIATELY.


How dare you mock my greatness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We shall duel to the death

And since we have wands made from the same phoenix
I think it will be a tie
I will kill you and you will go to a middle ground aka seatac and talk with Mr.C
Until you decide to come out of hiding and not die
But then you’ll pretened to be dead
And I’ll be all what now
And muffin will be in a protective cage
And [shall remain nameless] will come out of no where and kill the little tuffins
And a little part of my soul will die with her...
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cause its been awhile (stained)

I want to do yoga
And not be a fatty

And then I want to diet
And not be a fatty

And then I want to be a hottie
And not a fatty


I have a plan. you marry a billionaire, TJ can marry a billionaire, then you both divorce those fools, take their money, and buy me a house. It's a solid plan.

I changed my mind (I couldn’t figure out how to finish the sentence and I almost wrote name… I changed my name…)

hahahaha oh e-burg, how classy/ghetto....but uh I don't wanna marry a mexican?
ooh straight to hell with me!

I think you SHOULD marry a Mexican!!
And have crazy Mexican names for your little mexi nuggets
They can be like Humberto and …DOMINGA!!!!!!!!!

btw my co-worker just came to my desk and we were talking about how much we complain, then we talked about starving children in africa, etc and how we shouldn't complain and it sounds twisted but it made me feel better about my life.

So uhh if you feel bored tonight you could bring over your laptop and we could watch Criss and Hammy and have a grand old flag you're a high flying flag. Uhhh. Hahaha. If not, I won't take it personal, I'll just cry myself to sleep.

I just gave up on work altogether and am now reading celeb gossip...yesss
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(no subject)

andrea: it's dark, and scary, and I don't want to walk to the bus stop in the dark..
shannon: good thing you have your rape whistle.
andrea: actually I don't have it with me, hahaha it's on my school keys not my car keys..dang guys... I'll have to uhh..beat them up with my umbrella which I also forgot this morning... so basically I got nothing
shannon: man.. if ONLY (hanson) you had some mithril... aka if only (hanson) you were friends with gimli..

andrea: I'm reading "Finding Neverland" quotes and trying not to cry that movie makes me bawl.
shannon: well i havent seen it. so it doesnt make me bawl. but right now at work im having a ball. just sayin.

shannon: what time do you get to your car? maybe i'll be waiting there.. with roses. it'll be like 16 candles when she comes out of the church and jake ryan (hottie) is waiting there.. i cant promise the same ending though... because its not your birthday.

andrea: there's a chocolate shop in Brighton, UK called Choccywoccydoodah.. I think I wanna live there.
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(no subject)

shannon: i wish i could bring little muffin pants over..
andrea: yeah I dunno she'd probably poo all ove rand get stuck behind something
shannon: i like you.. because i was like rand? sand? uuuuuuuh
andrea: ove = tove...rand = has sex with me

shannon: i decided that he would hella love our new slang (the shins) and he would adopt it as his own and then he would say it during the shows and then By Jove! would sweep the nation and the british would be all (while sipping their brandy) I say, that just isnt fair.. and we'd be all.. Right-O..

andrea: hey when they film dawn treader do you think they'll use the same massive water tank/stage thing they did for Titanic? or something? uuuhh
shannon: i think that they'll USE the titanic.. as the dawn treader.. maybe we should petition that..

andrea: if I had bunnies I'd name them wanker, bollocks, knob, jove, sike, and boss
shannon: ironically enough those were the original names for my bunnies.. but then we went with punkin, pj, sydney, aussie, roo boo & muffin... that is just too weird my friend.

andrea: omg on that bunnies site you can look at her family and one of her daughters has a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE rack

andrea: he is wearing a collared shirt with a sweater over it and he has glasses, he is so so sososososososososoooo cute.. and I look like shit.. I've been sitting here trying not to guffaw like a pelican..
shannon: uhh i think that you should go sit on his desk..
and then i could come up and pull a gareth and be all. um excuse me. safety code. chairs are for sitting.

shannon: i want to go to my car and read and read and read
and dance and dance and dance and dance and dance
just puttin it out there.. uhh

shannon: i really like when you write things.. its like a grab bag of goodies.. i never know how the spelling is gonna end up. haha. ass.

andrea: I'm sitting here laughing..luckily no one else is looking in my direction and there's a lot of talking going on and the only person that could see me is strategically blocked by a giant ugly pointsetta

shannon: sooo i was thinking of that really neat part of lotr:fotr when frodo gets stabbed by the cave troll (they have a cave troll!!) and they think that he's dead and then gandalf is all.. i think theres more to this hobbit then meets the eye.. and then theyre all OMGGGG mithril.. and sam feels the need to like feel up frodo while he's fingering the shirt.

andrea: I decided I want to go to the rec center more and I am going to make myself a little point system and put stars on the calendar on days I go, so I want it to be like 25 stars = the office....I need to make the point scale before I do it though otherwise I'll change it all the time and be like 2 stars = the office, 3 stars = diamonds.
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